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115dB Engineering Alarm
115 decibels for use in harsh environments such as mining engineering
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Why do mining machinery require the use of travel buzzer

Mining machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks use travel buzzers as a safety precaution during operation. The travel buzzer is a warning device that emits a loud sound when the machine is moving or reversing. This is to alert people in the vicinity, particularly workers on foot, that the machine is in motion and to avoid potential accidents.

In mining operations, heavy equipment is often used in close proximity to personnel, and accidents can occur if the equipment operator is unaware of people or objects around the machine. The travel buzzer helps to mitigate this risk by providing an audible warning signal that alerts workers to the movement of the machine.

Therefore, the use of travel buzzers is required in mining machinery to ensure the safety of all workers on the site.



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