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The difference between car back up alarm, Reversing Image and Reversing Radar


With the improvement of economic level, people's quality of life is also improving, and there are more cars in the family. But there are more safety accidents, so there are car back up alarm.

Back-up alarm is generally used in large and medium-sized trucks, family tricycles, agricultural tricycles, industrial forklifts and other vehicles, mainly through voice or sound to remind passers-by, there are vehicles to change direction, so as to avoid some accidents. It is connected with turning lights and reversing switches through different colors of connecting wires, which can be triggered by corresponding prompts in the operation of turning lights.

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The car back up alarmhas the same warning mode as the reversing radar, but its use is different. The reversing radar estimates the distance by the reflected wave of the ultrasonic wave and the object generated by the rear probe. On the one hand, it reminds the driver of obstacles, on the other hand, it reminds pedestrians to pay attention to safety. It can alert the driver to safety by voice when he pays attention to one direction while ignoring the danger of the other.

Reversing image is captured by infrared probe, and then LCD screen can clearly see the situation around the vehicle, which can make the driving situation more intuitive. The installation method is simple. As long as the positive pole of the power line is connected to the positive pole of the reversing lamp, the negative pole of the power line can be connected to the negative pole of the lamp or grounded.

Different reversing tips, the most important role is to protect the safety of pedestrians and their own, a little more reminders, a little more safety. By comparing the backing alarm with the backing image and the backing radar, we can see that different devices have the same function and different indicators have different objects. Give the car back up alarm for safety.

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