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Operating principle of self adjustable back up alarm


The use of self adjustable back up alarm is gradually expanding. It can not only play a prompting role in the daily driving of vehicles, but also work in industrial construction sites. In the aspect of voice broadcasting, it can also make different changes according to different needs, in order to achieve better use effect.

The main feature of the reversing alarm is that it has a wide range of detectable areas, a long distance and a few blind areas. When the ultrasonic probe detects obstacles in a controllable range, it will feedback the location of obstacles to the alarm device through wireless signals, thus effectively reducing the probability of collision. It can be used in large vehicles, even if the body is very long and wide, it can also feedback the situation in the rear.

self adjustable back up alarm

The most common version of self adjustable back up alarm used in industry is the basic version. The road condition of industrial construction site is complex. There are many interference items when using ultrasonic probe alarm, which will cause some interference to drivers. The basic alarm is used to remind others to minimize the interference of road conditions to drivers.

The appearance of the alarm is also designed according to different vehicles. It has obvious horn type and square box type with certain concealment effect. There is no difference between the two types of alarm in use. Both of them connect the connection pole with the circuit lines of related operation and connect the power supply to make it form a circuit to operate.

Every generation of alarms has some improvements, but the general idea is unchanged. The most basic one is the most suitable one in all places of use. Although there will be some shortcomings, the basic version is the best in anti-jamming. When facing too much interference from the environment, voice broadcasting can be used to remind pedestrians. The self adjustable back up alarm can change the voice according to the different places. In this regard, there is a need to communicate through customer service, we welcome your presence at any time.

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