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Other applications of car back up alarm


The use of car back up alarm in cars has been gradually reduced, as roads and influencing factors are increasing, which is of little help to drivers when they are used, so they are gradually replaced by smarter devices. Therefore, in order to expand its use range, it gradually expands in other directions. Let's talk about other applications of the reversing alarm.

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The car back up alarm product is unchanged, but it is applied to other vehicles to increase its usage rate. It can be applied to the forklift. The speed of the forklift is not fast, but there are more visual dead angles behind the vehicle. If you don't pay attention, it will have more serious consequences for pedestrians. The forklift does not have any indicative items when preparing for reversing, and the possibility of dangerous events is relatively high. The application of the alarm can reduce many hidden dangers.

Its main application object can be installed on a large vehicle. The main reason is that large vehicles have a loud sound at the start, and it is impossible to infer whether to move forward or backward. Although there are tips for the taillights, the position of the bicycle taillights is located. Below the loading and unloading port, there will be some degree of contamination that will make it impossible to see the taillights. The indicator light is also ignored during the day due to brightness.

A vocal alarm can be used on small and medium-sized vehicles, and a buzzer is used as an alarm on a large vehicle, which can both alert pedestrians and passing vehicles without affecting the whistling sound of others. Users who have a purchase request for the car back up alarm can contact us through customer service and look forward to your call.

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