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The role of multimedia loudspeaker


Loudspeakers are often called horns, and they are a key component that converts electrical energy into sound. In the TV, the sound circuit will be amplified through processing, and finally the sound will be emitted through the multimedia loudspeaker. Due to different applications and requirements, moving coil speakers are mostly made of internal and external magnetic types. The electromagnetic steel magnetic parts of the built-in magnetic TV speakers are stronger and the leakage magnetic field is smaller. The electromagnetic steel of the external electromagnetic speaker is weak and the leakage magnetic field is large.

The role of multimedia loudspeaker

Due to the limited TV space, various components are very close, especially the picture tube, if it is disturbed by the external magnetic field, it will be magnetized, which will cause the electron beam to deviate from the original trajectory, resulting in distortion and discoloration. Use the built-in magnetic multimedia loudspeaker.

Therefore, if the multimedia loudspeaker you use is broken, it is best to use the built-in electromagnetic loudspeaker of the same specification and model. If you cannot buy it temporarily, you can also use an external magnetic speaker, but the speaker should be not far away from the picture tube (not less than 15 cm), and a shielding cover should be installed at the same time. This method uses an iron plate about 1 mm thick to separate the speaker and the picture tube. But please be careful not to use the ring iron cover, otherwise the magnetic field of the multimedia loudspeaker will be short-circuited.

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