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What is a Bluetooth speaker?


Bluetooth speaker is a kind of electrical signal into acoustic signal transducers, audio power through electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effect, make its paper basin or diaphragm vibration and resonance with the surrounding air (resonance) and sound, Bluetooth speaker performance has a great impact on the sound quality. The loudspeaker is one of the weakest components in the sound equipment, but for the sound effect, it is one of the most important components. There are a wide variety of speakers, and prices vary widely.

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The frequency bandwidth requirement of bluetooth speaker is very strict, especially the low frequency part of small aperture full frequency speaker. It can be said that the low frequency sound quality of Bluetooth speaker determines the grade of sound quality of Bluetooth speaker. However, the main factors that determine the low frequency of bluetooth speaker speakers are: magnetism, voice coil, sound basin and design, magnetic: small-diameter full-frequency Bluetooth speaker its magnetic steel will generally use magnetic strength, non-demagnetization of rare earth high-intensity magnetic.

The voice coil of bluetooth speaker because of small diameter, power is big, so the voice coil generally needs to use the voice coil of brand manufacturer, high quality to reach the requirement. Because sound sensitivity requires high, sound quality requirement is clear, but it is small caliber horn, so its general person uses timbre natural, better rigid, material the paper basin with lighter, high sensitivity, the paper basin in top class HiFi system makes everywhere, because sound output is very average, reducing sex is good.

However, the disadvantage of the paper basin is not moisture-proof, which can greatly meet the characteristics of bluetooth speaker compact and portable, good low frequency, good sound quality and large power.

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