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Market application prospect of car back up alarm


Buzzer (especially micro-electromagnetic buzzer) has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high sound pressure level, low energy consumption, long life and easy to use, which can be widely used in instruments, buzzers, micro-communicators, toys, household appliances and various small electronic devices. One of the long use of vehicles is the car back up alarm.

market application scenario of car back up alarm

Ordinary people contact most of the buzzer should be in the computer buzzer, through the buzzer issued a variety of different sounds, so that we can timely understand the computer may appear in a variety of faults. Similarly, in the automotive industry, buzzers are also widely used. The most common application is the car back up alarm, such as the reversing radar buzzer. When your car is reversing, it may encounter all kinds of obstacles. At this time, the reversing radar buzzer will give an urgent alarm sound to remind the driver to pay attention.

In addition to the reversing radar buzzer, the buzzer can also be applied in the reversing electronic equipment buzzer, so that users or maintenance personnel can grasp the situation of the car, so as to quickly find the point of the problem, and then solve the problem. It can be seen that the market application scenario of car back up alarm is very wide, the market prospect is also very promising, and it is almost an indispensable part.

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