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What if the car back up alarm keeps going off?


The car back up alarm has been ringing, probably because the sensitivity of the alarm is too high, leading to the device to feel a little vibration will sound the alarm. As for how to solve it, first find the alarm host, generally under the steering wheel and A pillar under the guard plate. Then directly fine-tune the sensitivity adjustment twist, but do not adjust too low, otherwise the car's anti-theft coefficient is very small.

engine of the headphone speaker driver

Of course, it may also be because there is a problem with the circuit of the main engine of the headphone speaker driver, which needs to be checked, repaired or replaced in time. But whether check line or replace the alarm, we'd better to professionals to deal with, after all this is beyond our ability to solve area, plus it is integration of a number of distribution line, if not professional or line installed upside down, light alarm cannot be used, or burn down the car's components.

If you can't stand the car back up alarm has been ringing, there are two good and convenient ways to suspend the alarm: one is to directly break the iron line of the burglar alarm, the color of the line is black; Additional, each anti-theft alarm has a power supply insurance, connected in the red power supply level, you can pull out the insurance piece directly, when waiting for the need to plug up can. If you just cut off the horn of the alarm, the alarm just doesn't sound, but it still works, and other anti-theft, light flashing and other functions still work.

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