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Advantages of speaking car alarm


Economic development is that most families have their own cars, but with the slow development, more and more safety accidents,speaking car alarm is gradually used by the public. Here is a brief introduction of the advantages of voice car alarm.

1. There are many kinds of voice

The speaking car alarm stores the language in the circuit integrated board. When driving a vehicle, it will send out the voice signal when it achieves the specified operation. The content of voice broadcasting can be broadcasted with different voices according to the use of vehicles. At the same time, it can be connected to the computer to replace the default language. When the machine is connected with the vehicle, the connecting line is connected with the corresponding function line, and when using the function, the machine will emit voice. Voice alarm is a long-term and circular broadcast, which can play a warning role and keep pedestrians away.

speaking car alarm

2. Fine internal parts

The inner part of the alarm has an audio amplifier, which can transmit sound to a certain range. The internal wires are connected by reversing and left-right turning wires respectively. At the same time, there are different voice audio lines. Each line has different colors, so that it can be easily distinguished. There is also a USB interface in the interior, which connects the machine to the computer through the data line and can change its internal voice and audio.

Through the understanding of speaking car alarm, we all know that it is very simple to operate it, and can be used repeatedly, simple installation, no need for professional personnel to operate. So small and flexible car voice alarm you need to have, to bring security to others is their own security, come and contact us for orders.

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