Yueda has been producing reliable and durable alarms. They are designed for harsh environments and various mounting sizes for on/off road vehicles and machines.
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Powerful performance with versatile design to make you enjoy the real of music, movies, TV shows while at home or on the go.
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Changzhou Wujin Yueda Electroacoustic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of alarms and loudspeakers. Our products meet the acoustic applications in various scenarios of different customers, and can be widely used for construction machinery, road vehicles, automation equipment, medical instruments, robots, etc., and customized voice (sound) solutions could be offered for your products.
Yuesonic series alarms are mainly used in various construction machinery, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, etc., and to make them safer. All products are CE certified. Testing reports by third-party lab and service feedbacks from our customers, including some leading in the industry, show that our products are superior reliable to most competing ones.
Yuesen speakers, pursuing excellent sound quality, are mainly used in smart homes and other smart devices. They are sold all over the world and are well received by customers.
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