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YS-B81D-2MS-L 12~24V 97dB audible alarm for hazardous area
“Move away safely, you are in a hazardous area” It is mainly applicable to various types of voice alarms. Due to its unique cavity design, its voice effect is more pleasing to the ear than ordinary alarm products. In addition to ordinary reversing voice prompts, multiple sets of voice signals can be customized, including left and right turns, music, and various other operation prompts. We also provide various voice customization services, that is, you only need to provide text content.
Product Detail

“Move away safely, you are in a hazardous area”

YS-B80 L Series Multifunctional Alarm Optional Connection Method

B80 L series nylon housing multi-function alarms

Why install reversing alarm and warning alarm?

Reversing alarms and warning alarms, also known as backup alarms or reversing buzzers, are installed in vehicles and equipment to alert pedestrians, workers, and other nearby people to the presence of large moving objects that may be difficult to see. They are commonly used in construction machinery, garbage trucks, delivery vans, and other vehicles and equipment that can pose a danger to pedestrians or workers. When a vehicle is reversing, the reversing alarm usually emits a loud beep, which is a warning sign that alerts people who may be walking or working nearby.

Warning alarm is similar, but may be activated in different situations, such as when a vehicle is turning or changing lanes. The purpose of these warning alarm is to help prevent accidents and injuries, especially in busy and crowded environments where visibility may be limited. Although some areas may have noise restrictions related to reversing and warning alarms, many countries require certain types of vehicles and equipment to have these safety features installed and functioning properly. This helps keep drivers and pedestrians safe and can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace and on the road.

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