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Audible alarm
ModelVoltage (VDC)Output level(±4dBA @4FT)Remarks
YS-B81C-6LRBB-S-112~2497"shhshh, warning vehicle reversing"

"shhshh, caution vehicle turning right"

"shhshh, caution vehicle turning left" 

YS-B81C-5LRB-SP-S (Spanish)12~2497

"beep beep beep,Atención, atención, este vehículo está retrocediendo"

"beep beep beep atención, vehículo girando a la derecha"

"beep beep beep, atención, vehículo girando a la izquierda"

YS-B81W-KV-S0112~4897조심하세요 지게차가 후진중입니다.
YS-B81D-2MS-L12~2497Move away safely, you are in a hazardous area

Audible alarms are very common safety devices in construction vehicles. Generally speaking, industrial vehicles such as loaders, excavators, cranes, etc. often need to emit alarm sounds during operation to attract attention and remind surrounding people, especially pedestrians and other vehicles.

The use of sound alarms can effectively remind construction personnel or other vehicles to avoid accidents in a timely manner.

Therefore, installing sound alarms in construction vehicles is an effective measure to improve construction site safety and production efficiency. When selecting a sound alarm, it is necessary to select a suitable sound alarm that meets the requirements of the vehicle type and environment, and adjust the appropriate tone and voice settings according to actual needs. At the same time, relevant safety regulations should also be observed when using the sound alarm to avoid excessive impact of sound on surrounding residents or Noise pollution.

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