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Flashing alarm
Model Voltage (VDC) Output level(±4dBA @4FT)Remarks
YS-BL1-2C 12~24 102 beep sound 
YS-BL1-2C-WN 12~24 97 white noise
YS-BL2-USB 12~24 102 multiple voice options, customizable voice
YS-BL3-6C 12~24 102

"shhshh,caution vehicle turning right"

"shhshh,caution vehicle turning left""shhshh,warning vehicle reversing"

The BL series flashing alarm, also known as audible and visual alarm, is mainly used for various scenarios that require reminders and warnings. The BL series is currently mostly used for road safety. Install sound and light alarms in vehicles to remind drivers and surrounding pedestrians to be alert and take measures in a timely manner.

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