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YS-B82-5C-L-E AVAS for low-speed alarm

AVAS refers to the 'Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System', which means the vehicle's audio visual alarm system. Its main function is to use sound to alert pedestrians and other road users of vehicles when electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are driving at low speeds, in order to avoid traffic accidents.

Product Detail

The following are the reasons for using AVAS:

1. Electric or hybrid vehicles lack the sound generated by the engine and transmission when driving at low speeds, thus posing a danger to pedestrians or blind people.

2. Silent vehicles can create a false sense of security while ignoring their presence, although other visual cues may also cause visual interference.

3. Because charging infrastructure is often set up in public areas such as pedestrian areas, underground garages, and shopping malls for convenience, it is necessary to increase warning sounds to ensure the safety of surrounding personnel.

Therefore, installing AVAS systems in electric and hybrid vehicles has become a legal requirement for governments and relevant organizations. In urban areas, it is also necessary to sound the alarm when driving at low speeds. Installing AVAS can effectively increase traffic safety and assist in protecting pedestrians and other road users.

ModelVoltage (VDC)Output level(±4dBA @4FT)Remarks
100(daytime mode)/ 75(night mode)

Reverse warning: 3 beeps, cautiou, this vehicle is reversing.

Left warning: 3 beeps, cautiou, this vehicle is turning left.

Right warning: 3 beeps, cautiou, this vehicle is turning right.

Engine sound:

Multi frequency sound(speed -20KMPH)


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