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YS-B30 series 12~24V or 12~48V white noise backup alarm
B30 series white noise backup alarm can provide workers and pedestrians with clearer and more distinct warning sounds in loud noise environments, without producing sharp noises like traditional backup alarms, thereby reducing listener fatigue and discomfort.
Product Detail

ModelVoltage (VDC)Output level(±4dBA @4FT)Remarks
YS-B3112~4897white noise optional
YS-B3212~48102white noise (12~24V) optional
YS-B3312~48voice alarmmultiple voice options, customizable voice
beep sound
YS-B3612~4887white noise optional
YS-B3712~4877~97intelligent voice change
YS-B3812~4882~102intelligent voice change

B30 series (mm):

B30 Series multi frequency white noise backup alarm

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