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How to detect the car buzzer?
 Feb 02, 2023|View:599

The car buzzer is an electronic buzzer with an integrated structure that serves as a warning device, powered by a DC voltage. So how to detect car buzzers when purchasing them?


Detection method of car buzzer:

1、The outer packaging box of the car buzzer should be standardized and tidy, with product identification, and should be free of damage, dirt, and other undesirable phenomena.

2、The product label of the car buzzer should be clear, and the content should indicate the material name, specification, model, quantity, production date, product manufacturer, and other identifications.

3、The surface of the car buzzer is clean, free of damage, dirt, deformation, and other mechanical damage. The color is consistent, and it has a specification, model, and polarity identification.

4、The specifications, models, polarity identification, and other identifications should be clear, and the incomplete character identification should not be less than three quarters of the entire character. There should be no undesirable phenomena such as unmarked or unclear identification.

5、The plating layer of the car buzzer pin is uniform and glossy, without oxidation, blackening, damage, and other adverse phenomena.

The above is the detection method for car buzzers, and I hope it can help you. Changzhou Wujin Yueda Electroacoustic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of alarms and loudspeakers. The product meets the acoustic applications in various scenarios for different customers, and can be widely used in intelligent devices such as construction machinery, road vehicles, automation equipment, medical instruments, robots, and so on. Customizing a unique language (sound) solution for your product.

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