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The Function and Classification of Audible and Visual Alarms
 Jan 25, 2023|View:543

The audible and visual alarm is set to meet the special requirements of customers for alarm loudness and installation location. Generally used in dangerous places, it is an alarm signal device that sends out warning signals to people by emitting sound and various lights simultaneously.


Our customized audible and visual alarm is suitable for installation on various types of trucks, which can better warn vehicles and pedestrians on the side and behind the trucks. Currently, in addition to audible and visual alarms for trucks, there are also alarms used in other applications on the market. For example, explosion-proof audible and visual alarms are suitable for installation in explosive gas atmospheres containing Class C T6 temperature groups. They can also be used in explosion-proof areas such as Zone 1 and Zone 2 with explosion-proof requirements in the petroleum and chemical industries, as well as outdoor and outdoor use. Non coding type can be used together with fire alarm controllers from domestic and foreign manufacturers. When an accident or fire occurs at the production site, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller activates the audible and visual alarm circuit, emits audible and visual alarm signals, and completes the alarm purpose. It can also be used in conjunction with manual alarm buttons to achieve simple audible and visual alarm purposes.

Unpredictable and dangerous events often occur in our lives, and in many cases, when we are alone, we cannot seek help from the outside world. Therefore, in many factories or shopping malls where dangerous events frequently occur, hazard alarms will be installed to seek timely external assistance to handle crisis events. Audible and visual alarms are widely used in many fields for alarming through sound and light transmission.

The above is an introduction to the audible and visual alarm, hoping to help you better understand our products. If you have any other questions or needs regarding this, you can directly contact us.

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