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What is the reason why the reversing horn does not sound?
 Jan 18, 2023|View:581

The reversing horn is a decoration that emits a sound reminder after encountering obstacles. Because drivers cannot fully observe the situation behind them through numerous rear-view mirrors, especially moving people or objects, they need to be equipped with reversing horns to alert pedestrians to their safety.


The reason why there is no dripping sound when reversing is because the reversing radar does not make a sound. First, check whether the power cord of the host computer is properly connected, and then check whether the wire of the radar host computer is loose. Some reversing radar harnesses may have fuses, and check whether the fuses are normal. If there are no problems with both, it is likely that the radar has failed.

To call up a reverse alert tone, first ensure that the vehicle has a reverse radar, and then access the vehicle settings through the central control screen to call up the reverse alert tone within the settings. If there is a display and no sound, it is generally caused by damage to the reversing radar. If there is no display and no sound, it is generally caused by a circuit fault.

If the problem is determined to be caused by the reversing radar, it is highly likely that the buzzer has broken. Purchase a separate buzzer and install it. If your car has recently been modified, it may have damaged the reversing radar wiring during the modification process. It is recommended that you take the car to the original construction shop or 4S store for inspection.

In addition, when it is found that the reversing horn does not sound, you can check whether the wiring connection at the bumper is intact, and then check whether the reversing lamp lights up when engaging reverse gear. If it does not, check whether the connection switch of the reversing lamp is damaged. Then check whether the computer displays a fault code, and there are no problems with the above items. Then check whether there is a problem with the reversing radar itself.

The above are several reasons why the reversing horn does not sound. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions or needs regarding this, you can contact us directly.

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