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Driving mode and advantages of reversing buzzer
 Jan 19, 2022|View:748

As the reversing buzzer is driven by DC voltage, it does not need to use AC signals for driving. Instead, it only needs to output the driving level to the driving port and amplify the driving current through a triode to make the reversing buzzer emit a sound. It is very simple, and the self-excited reversing buzzer will not be explained here. Here, only descriptions will be given of the separately actuated reversing buzzer that must be driven with a 1/2 duty square wave signal.


There are two ways to drive a separate buzzer using a microcontroller: one is to directly drive the PWM output port, and the other is to use the I/O timing flip level to generate a drive waveform to drive the buzzer. So someone must want to know what's wrong with the reversing buzzer, and is the price also very expensive? Next, let me introduce the advantages of the taxi buzzer:

1. The price of the reversing buzzer is relatively cheap;

2. The sound frequency can be controlled to create the effect of "Dorami Fa Sorassi";

3. In some special cases, a control port can be multiplexed with an LED;

4. In addition, the advantages of the reversing buzzer include: convenient program control.

The above are the driving methods and advantages of the reversing buzzer. If you have any further questions about the buzzer, you can contact us at any time, and we will promptly solve the problem for you. In addition, we also have TV speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speaker speakers, and other products.

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