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What is a Bluetooth speaker?
 Oct 22, 2021|View:270

Bluetooth speaker is a kind of energy conversion device that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals. Audio electrical energy, through electromagnetic, piezoelectric, or electrostatic effects, causes its paper tub or membrane to vibrate and resonate with the surrounding air to produce sound. The performance of Bluetooth speaker has a significant impact on the sound quality. Speaker is a weak component in audio equipment, and it is also an important component for audio effects. There are a wide variety of loudspeakers, and prices vary widely.


The bandwidth requirements of Bluetooth speakers are very strict, especially for the low-frequency part of small caliber full frequency speakers. It can be said that the low-frequency sound quality of Bluetooth speakers determines the sound quality level of Bluetooth speakers. However, the main factors that determine the low frequency of Bluetooth speakers include: magnetism, voice coil, sound basin, and design. In terms of magnetism, the magnetic steel of small caliber full frequency Bluetooth speakers generally uses rare earth high-strength magnets that are strong in magnetism and do not demagnetize.

Due to the small aperture and high power of the voice coil of a Bluetooth speaker, it is generally necessary to use a high-quality voice coil from a brand manufacturer to meet the requirements. Due to the high requirements for sound sensitivity and clear sound quality, but also for small caliber speakers, most people use paper tubs with natural timbre, good rigidity, light material, and high sensitivity. Paper tubs are widely used in HiFi systems because of their uneven sound output and good reproducibility.

However, the disadvantage of the paper tub is that it is not moisture resistant, so the engineers of Yiting Audio adopt a surface bright design, which can greatly meet the characteristics of Bluetooth speaker, such as small and portable, good low-frequency, good sound quality, and high power.

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