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Market application prospects of reversing beeurgers
 Sep 17, 2021|View:449

The bee singer (especially the micro-electromagnetic beeur) has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high sound pressure level, low energy consumption, long life, and convenient use. In a communication device, toys, household appliances and various small electronic devices. Among them, the vehicle is used in reverse buzzer.


Ordinary people who have a lot of contacts should be the bee singer on the computer. Various sounds are made through the beeuriner, so that everyone can understand the various failures that may occur in the computer in a timely manner. Similarly, in the automotive industry, the application of beeurizers is extremely wide. Among them, the vehicle is used in reverse buzzer, for example, the bee tweee of the reversing radar may encounter various obstacles when your car is reversing. At this time, the bee sounder of the reversing radar will make a rapid alarm sound to remind the driver to pay attention.

In addition to the reversing radar beeurger, the bee tweee can also be applied to the bee singers of various electronic equipment on the reversing, so that users or maintenance personnel can grasp the condition of the car, so as to quickly find the point of the problem. , Then solve the problem. It can be seen that the market application scenarios of reverse buzzer are very extensive, and the market prospects are very optimistic, which is almost indispensable.

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