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Can I use the TV speaker as an intermediate channel?
 Jul 08, 2021|View:551

The mid-set channel plays a vital role in the surround sound system. At any given time, nearly 70% of audio playback passes the intermediate channel. In addition, it can handle most of the vocals and dialogue in movies and music, while combining all these actions to create a sense of realism.

You can use TV speaker as an intermediate channel, but this depends on your TV model and/or operating system. If your TV has an intermediate speaker mode and you want to use it as an intermediate channel, the home heater with an A/V receiver is connected to the intermediate speaker IN terminal on the TV.


However, the TV speaker is used as an intermediate channel. If your TV has no intermediate speaker mode function, you may find that this is challenging. Continue reading to learn more about why the intermediate channel is important and the effect of using the TV speaker as the intermediate channel.

The TV speaker with the middle channel allows you to change the volume without interfering with the left and right channels. This can compensate for high or too low dialogue/vocals when watching movies or music soundtracks. The middle channel also has a good auditory effect in large blockbusters. You can get a wonderful voice as you want, which can be transformed into a theater performance in your home.

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