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What should I pay attention to when buying a TV speaker?
 Jul 01, 2021|View:443

Good TV speakers can provide large and bright sounds to enlarge the sound from the TV and feel a different auditory effect. So, what factors need to pay attention to when buying a TV speaker?


1. Original and passive: The active speaker system means that it has its own power, just like most of the horoscopes, and the passive system needs to power it to power it. If you already have a active sound source, or you are seeking to build a more customized surround system one by one, then passive.

2. Driver: There are two different types of drivers in two-way speakers-bass speakers and treble speakers. The subwoofer hit the low-frequency sound, and the treble speaker is designed to handle treble. However, the three-point frequency TV speaker has a treble speaker and a bass speaker, and adds an additional drive to the medium sound; it is similar to a bass speaker, but smaller. This is not necessary for a good voice, but it is an extra benefit that can divide the frequency more evenly.

3. Bass: The bass is also important for TV speakers. Even if you don't want to shake the room, having a system that can make at least a little bass can make the movie more immersive. The floor-type bass gun separates the subwoofer frequency from the high-end frequency of the speaker. You will get a better bass response on the ground-truly moving air and make it bang. The sound will vary according to the structure of your room, so please try to adjust all angles and pay attention to its echo position to achieve better results.

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