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YS-BJ5DJ-WTA for engineering vehicle reminder cab alarm
Installing a reminder helps to improve the safety and reliability of engineering vehicles, ensuring the effectiveness and stability of vehicle operation.
Product Detail

A reminder needs to be installed in the driver's cab of engineering vehicles. Reminder refers to the device inside a vehicle that can remind the driver to pay attention to the working conditions or certain states of the vehicle. The functions of some reminders include detecting oil levels, engine malfunctions, clutches, brakes, etc., to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and reduce potential safety hazards.

In addition, some vehicles may need to operate under specific operating conditions, such as lifting, turning, tipping, etc. In this situation, the driver needs to ensure that the vehicle is operated correctly and understand the state of the vehicle during operation. The sound or indicator light of the reminder can help the driver better grasp the status of the vehicle and improve operational safety.

ModelVoltage (VDC)Output level(±4dBA @4FT)Remarks
YS-BJ5DJ-WTA12~2885副发动机转速过高,请降低转速;水箱出水口阀门关闭,请停机检查;水箱水位低,请停止作业。The secondary engine speed is too high, please lower the speed; The water tank outlet valve is closed, please stop the machine for inspection; The water level in the water tank is low, please stop the operation.

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