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Structure of square micro speaker


Speakers are also widely used, and micro-speakers are often used, whether in mobile phones or earphones. In order to be able to be used in more devices, the speaker will also be transformed from the original round to square, let's take a look at the structure of the square micro speaker.

square micro speaker.jpg

A square micro speaker is not a sound-producing device. It can only be converted into a sound signal by giving it an electrical signal to produce sound. So the loudspeaker is the converter of electric signal and sound signal, and how to judge the sound quality of the transformed sound according to the performance of the loudspeaker.

The interior of loudspeaker is mainly composed of the following parts: basin frame, magnet, polar plate, sound film, voice coil, wiring board, etc. The principle of its sound production is to cut the magnetic induction line into the voice coil when the electrical signal is introduced into it, and produce a force to drive the vibration of the diaphragm to drive the air to form sound waves. In the whole process, it is a process from electricity to force, and then from force to sound.

The performance of each loudspeaker is determined by the material of the parts, and the replacement of each part will have an impact on the final sound production effect. Magnets can be classified into Al-Ni-Co magnets, ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets. Now the larger speaker will be streamlined to make it more convenient in application.

Through the above content, we can understand the nature and internal structure of the square micro speaker, and pay more attention to the maintenance of parts in use, so as to improve its service life.

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