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Structure of car back up alarm


The car back up alarm is the earliest part used for reversing. In the continuous improvement of society and technology, the car back up alarm is no longer used in cars, but is replaced by a more comprehensive reversing radar. But even then it has not been eliminated by the market, it is still being used. It depends on what survives in this constantly updated market. Let's start by exploring its structure.

car back up alarm.jpg

There are also many types in the market, including a trumpet shape, a square box shape, and the like. These types are only the same in appearance, and the rest of the structure is the same. A plastic case that both fixes the internal parts and spreads the sound more widely; there are several binding posts on the back that connect the steering button and the reverse button to the alarm, and the extra wires can also be used for the audio of the alarm.

There is a circuit integration, a coil and other parts inside. Its sounding principle is to first convert the sound signal stored in the integrated into an electrical signal, and use the magnet to cut the magnetic induction line to do the work to cause vibration, to drive the surrounding air to vibrate together to propagate the sound, and then expand the sound through the current. To make it a warning.

The sound stored in the device has buzzing sounds, prompt sounds, etc., which can fully alert people around the vehicle to minimize the probability of accidental injury.

It can be seen from the above that although the size of the car back up alarm  is small, the role played during the use is not small. Our company operates various types of reversing alarms, which can meet your needs in different places for car alarms. Welcome friends who need to purchase.

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