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How many types of Bluetooth speakers can be divided into?
 May 27, 2021|View:508

We now love Bluetooth speakers more and more, so our horn must be an essential part of our Bluetooth speakers. There are many types of speakers, and there are many classification methods. So what are the categories of frequency classification? Let Xiaobian answer it now. The speaker is divided by frequency, which can be divided into low-frequency speakers, medium frequency speakers, high-frequency speakers and full-frequency speakers. Low-frequency speakers usually bear nearly 90%of the entire system. Because the current flowing in the audio coil is large and the vibration of the cone basin is large, the cone potting material of the low-frequency speaker is usually made of enhanced paper basins, as well as graphite reinforced polypropylene pots, carbon fiber woven basins, glass fiber basin woven and bulletproofpit Flag pots and wool pots.


  Some Bluetooth speaker manufacturers are more pursuing the low-frequency expressiveness of the product, and the low-frequency speaker is a vital unit for them. The heavily bass speaker of the metal Bluetooth speaker makes the bass better and the medium-frequency horn generally has two types of paper cone and top. The ball-top type can be divided into soft top and hard top. The soft top is generally suppressed with a specially impregnated with phenolic resin. Its tone is more delicate; and the hard ball top is usually made of titanium membrane or aluminum film, and its sound is more crisp. High-frequency speakers, as the name suggests, are to play the horn unit of high-frequency sounds. It has the characteristics of small and rigidity in the vibration system. Many Bluetooth speaker manufacturers fill the magnetic liquid in the magnetic gap of high-frequency speakers. The purpose is to improve the heat dissipation conditions of the audio, improve the power tolerance of the speaker, and reduce distortion. High-frequency speakers generally include paper cones, ball tops, and tube types.

 The Bluetooth speaker speakers are frequently used in the frequency sound, and these categories are commonly used by Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, so everyone knows a little bit. In the future, when buying Bluetooth speakers or computer speakers Essence I hope our introduction can help everyone.

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