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How to install a reversing alarm in your car?
 Jun 18, 2021|View:483

Heavy equipment and large trucks emit sound alarms every time they go up. It is meaningful to warn other workers, because the vision of the device operator is different from his vision when he moves forward. If you need to equip a car reversing alarm, or think for your truck, it is a good idea. The reversing alert is a job you may be able to deal with it yourself.


Step 1 Set emergency braking on your vehicle.

Step 2 Rotate the ignition key on the vehicle to run, but do not start the vehicle's engine.

Step 3 Move the shift pole to the reversing gear to turn on the vehicle's reversing light.

Step 4 Connect the ground line of the 12 volt test light to the naked metal part of the vehicle frame, bumper or metal board.

Step 5 through the insulating layer of the wire of the wires that connect the rear lights of the vehicle at a time until the root of the test light is found. This is a wire that is powered on the reversing light.

Step 6 finds a location for installing Direct Alarm on the vehicle chassis. The exact location will depend on the model and size of the reversing alarm that you choose. Behind, stay away from the danger of the road as possible, and enter the place where you can use the tool you need to connect to the chassis. Install the alarm on your vehicle.

Step 7 The negative or ground line of the alarm is firmly connected to one of the bolts that fix the alarm on the vehicle.

Step 8 Connect the alarm positive polar wire to the wire that you determine as a spare light feed electric wire. If the positive line of the alarm is too short and cannot reserve the lamp line, use the copper wire to lengthen the positive line, and use the welding-free docking connector to connect.

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